A merry heart doeth good like medicine, a broken spirit drieth the bones….

Laugh and be happy


I love underwear. And even more than that, I love lingerie.
And because I love it, I buy it.. whenever I can.
An unhealthy relationship with money..?

Anyway, so just a few days before moving to Lagos I (naturally) went lingerie-shopping. Upon Returning home, I walked into my parents bedroom,

Daddy, see what I got. (holding up the pieces) Aren’t they lovely?

He nods in agreement.

Ugh, the only thing now is.. Daddy, should I wear them? I’m thinking, maybe I should just keep them until I get married, you know..

He laughs out profusely..

Yinka, let me tell you something. You only live once. Don’t put your life on hold just because you want to wait. Enjoy life now! Husband or no husband, enjoy. Wear your underwear!

My mother calls it,

Yinka, make yourself happy.

These words keep resounding these days. While serving the Lord, while waiting, while working and…

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