This post calls for reflections….reminiscing… We we younger and passionate about SERVICE IN THE KINGDOM….the little seeds we planted, some being cultured by others, others overgrown with weeds…hmmmn. What’s interesting about service is that you can always pick up….not necessarily from where one stopped, but picking up with something…..I KNOW IT IS WELL


Another post that’s going to be more personal than beautiful; but oh well.. since I can, I will..

A couple of days ago (He Heals Me) I announced that I would soon share another short-story, with its message surprisingly much in line with one of India Arie’s beautiful songs I’ve been hooked on lately. Today, something happened- yet again, very much in line with that song/story. It’s funny. Coincidence? I trow not! Oh well..

Weird, how often forces work together, you know, seemingly against you, just to (at the 11th hour) make everything work together.. for your own good. Earlier today, when the tram-driver turned at a junction he wasn’t supposed to turn, people were moaning and complaining, as that meant all passengers needed to get off the tram and walk back to the last stop (a roughly 55-seconds journey) and catch the next tram (which was just…

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